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# Year Session Title Category Assigned to
07.08 2018 Spring Local Determination of Degree Emphasis and Titles for ADT Social Justice Studies: General Consultation with the Chancellor's Office
07.09 2018 Spring Small and Rural College Participation in Online Education Initiative Course Exchange Consultation with the Chancellor's Office
09.01 2018 Spring Adopt the Paper Effective Practices for Educational Program Development Curriculum
09.02 2018 Spring Pathways to Meet General Education Requirements of Quantitative Reasoning Curriculum
09.03 2018 Spring Effective Practices in Online Communication Courses Curriculum
09.04 2018 Spring Effective Practices in Online Lab Science Courses Curriculum
10.01 2018 Spring Revise the Disciplines List Revision Process Disciplines List
10.02 2018 Spring Endorse Proposed Revisions to Apprenticeship Minimum Qualifications Disciplines List
11.01 2018 Spring Adopt the Paper Ensuring Effective Online Education Programs: A Faculty Perspective Technology
13.01 2018 Spring Expanding Competency-Based Instruction through an Online Consortium General Concerns
13.02 2018 Spring Guided Pathways Handbook General Concerns
13.03 2018 Spring Research on Guided Pathways Outcomes in California General Concerns
13.04 2018 Spring Providing Educational Access and Adequate Support for California Community College Students with Disabilities General Concerns
13.05 2018 Spring Develop a Paper on Career and Technical Education, Cooperative Work Experience, Internship, and Apprenticeship Programs General Concerns
13.06 2018 Spring Using Data to Assess the Impact of AB 705 (Irwin, 2017) General Concerns
15.01 2018 Spring California State University Systemwide Credit Policy Intersegmental Issues
17.01 2018 Spring Noncredit Instruction in Guided Pathways Efforts Local Senates
17.02 2018 Spring Increase Participatory Governance on Colleges’ Satellite Campuses Local Senates
17.03 2018 Spring Reduce Course Enrollment Maximums as Needed to Satisfy New State Directives Local Senates
19.01 2018 Spring Faculty Involvement in Responding to Litigation or Student Complaints Professional Standards